Heather Landex

International Best-Selling Author

MSc Envi Health, EHRB, MCIEH

Serve More, Risk Less, Earn More

Hey, I'm Heather

Food Inclusivity


I coach & consult food & hospitality businesses, chefs, managers & consultants to increase revenue, and reduce risk & liability by serving more customers through food inclusivity.

Food Inclusivity - What's that?

Include those people normally excluded: People looking for plant-based or vegan, gluten-free or food allergy & intolerance friendly.

What do I do?

Restaurants, hotels, & the hospitality industry must understand food inclusivity or risk complaints, prosecution or lose out to the competition. I help them to "get it".

I can show you & your staff how to be more food inclusive of those with dietary preferences reducing liability (risk of being sued) without changing your concept. It's a way to grow your business & profits & more.

Choose the services you need, or build an all-inclusive package

Online Coaching

Do you need creative input on something very specific?

Food safety, allergen management, training, communication or marketing related?


Do you need to improve your systems, training, communication or marketing? Have you received a complaint? Do you want someone to audit your food business?


Do you need help training your staff, connecting with the right experts or with communication on menus, websites or allergy information?


Looking for knowledge? Are you an individual or business that wants to expand your own capabilities to serve more people, reduce risk & liability & feel confident?

International Best Seller

A copy of Heather's book is available on Amazon (Audible & Kindle) and directly here

Want to buy direct?

Get in touch if you'd like more than one copy, coaching, consulting or to buy my online coaching & programmes which usually include a copy of the book.

The book comes with free resources:

  • Launch Party Replay with Expert Guests
  • Return On Investment Calculator by MCA
  • Links to useful resources
  • Bonus Book Content
  • The Ultimate Starter Masterclass

Do you want to see how we can work together?

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