Serve More
Risk Less
Earn More

An innovative consultancy and training company:

  • Helping food service businesses stand out against the competition
  • Serve more customers
  • Risk less in terms of liability.
  • Earn more by understanding inclusivity in food service is extremely profitable
  • Food Service Businesses: Restaurants, hotels, cafes, takeaways, events, conferences and caterers can gain a competitive edge by understanding their customers with allergies, intolerances, vegans and other dietary preferences.
  • Consultants & Compliance: Those that train and advise food businesses to be compliant, confident and competitive can also achieve better results through improving inclusivity. 


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SERVE MORE PEOPLE - and their friends, family, colleagues, plus encourage organic marketing to their network, loyal raving fans, free press and good will. 

  • 2-10% of people are vegan - vegetarian
  • 80% of people eating in vegan restaurants are not vegan
  • 55% of people are reducing the meat consumption
  • 35% of them unconsciously
  • 23% of people avoid eating milk
  • 10-20% of people suffer from food allergies or intolerances
  • 1-6% of people avoid gluten


RISK LESS - Avoid the FOOD SAFETY POLICE, being sued, fined, closed down & complaints

Food Safety related offences are expensive:

  • fines
  • litigation (costs time and money)
  • complaints
  • visits from EHOs ("the FOOD POLICE")
  • refunds
  • waste food
  • lost trade
  • wasted money

Don't forget non-compliance is criminal!

Ending up in court costs money in litigation, even for businesses found not-guilty but especially for naively negligent or innocently igornant businesses.


EARN MORE - 11.8 % according to our
(Return On Investment Calculator)

Food safety isn't only about cleaning the kitchen. It is about serve people safely, customer service and it can be marketed!

Being more inclusive can bring in more business, more repeat business and new business.

Market, communicate and be more than just compliant in food safety. Be above average. Untap markets such as people with allergies, intolerances, vegans and other dietary preferences, tell them they can dine safely with you, and only you.

Being inclusive is rare. It's customer service excellence. Inclusivity is an exclusive competitive edge. If you want to guarantee a good customer experience, being compliant in food safety is not enough. Why not be competent, creative, and cool instead.

Hence the title of Heather Landex -  CEO of IFS's Book "Inclusive: The New Exclusive".

A simple approach

Getting started with an inclusive menu can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be – at all! Once we ensure everything is safe and everyone understands the fundamentals, there are priceless amounts of growth and competitive edge available here.


Action starts with the right mindset. See all the perspectives to get you in the correct head-space to begin. The diverse customer base, staff, CFOs and CEOs, marketers, SEO robots and compliance professional.

Step-by-step solutions

The first steps involve seeing the opportunities and risks. Practical adaptations to improve communication, confidence and safety. Leading to organic marketing opportunity, new customers in easy to follow steps.

Useful resources

Resources and links, tips and tricks, dot to dot, step by step, food safety expert advice, take or leave it recommendations, practical solutions and ways of seeing the problem to get started, make things easier and optimise your current offers. 

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