Heather - tell me what the hell it is you do?

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I help restaurants and food service businesses see the money they are leaving on the table.

The people they are not serving - tremendously large minorities

How to work with what they have to seize the most opportunities, for customer delight, free organic marketing, free marketing, free PR, free good will...oh yeh and more sales

I'm a bit of a guru of these minorities because I am in several of them.

I'm also a qualified environmental health practitioner but I also have fun written all over me. I'm an avid eater outer, want to be environmentally friendly, healthy and a good mum, social, convenient.

If you want an easy to imagine example. How to get someone who found you on JustEats, to order direct.... have good allergy information on your website. JustEats are terrible for blanket disclaimers.

Disclaimers are the next obvious example Do you have a "do not eat here with a food allergy" style sign on your menu, website....or gluten free option... do you realise the message you are sending?


I can do a web audit, point out some omissions, profitable effortless actions to get free marketing, rave reviews and not get yourselves sued.


It's easy for me, businesses are completely blind to it. Or it just sounds like a headache.



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