#7 How NOT To KILL Your Customers: Miscommunicate


How To KILL Your Customers #7 Miscommunicate

This should really be #1.

Innocent Ignorance - to register as a restaurant owner requires no training, experience or credentials (except for the liquor licence or late trade). To work there requires "adequate" training.
Rather a low and ambiguous requirement.

HOWEVER they legally are responsible and liable for health and safety, food safety and trading standards, with criminal status if they are Naively Negligent.

Arrogance or Complacent – some waiters, chefs, businesses believe they are very safe as they’ve never had a complaint. Food poisoning and allergy incident are estimated to be 10 times higher than reported.

The 1 in 10 rule - if 1 person complains there are 9 others didn't say a thing (to you).

Customers with allergies are often treated like they are hypochondriacs, fuzzy, complainers or just outright dismiss them as they should “stay home” if their allergy is really that bad.

Discrimination – As with minority groups in general, all kinds of dietary preferences have been subject to discrimination, apathy and rudeness.

Confusion – everyday people don't fully understand the term vegan or the difference between lactose free, non-dairy and milk-free. “Traces” “may contain” “free-free” and “vegan” are terms most people recognise but may not know precisely.

Myth - Milk allergies are mild, intolerances are not important, you grow out of it in childhood, it’s not life threatening…..all false.

Scary myth- Cooking “kills” allergens.
Cooking does change proteins and people can react differently depending how cooked something is, but there’s no two people a like in that regard.

Disinfectant and dishwashers “kill” allergens…. You will not find a chemical provider or dishwasher manufacturer that will guarantee that claim, it’s definitely not “free-from” standards.

Restaurants are not providing “free-from” dishes on their menus, they are responding to requests for a bespoke dish within the limitation of their facilities.

Marketing - may confuse matters, particularly with popularity of processed plant-based foods. Burger Kings 0% meat Impossible Whopper upset the vegans in the US, one attempted to sue. It’s not 0% meat when it is cooked in the juice of non-vegan Whoppers. Plant-based means something different to different people. Vegan you can go with the Vegan Society Definition – OR BETTER!

Icons – there are no legal icons for allergens. I’ve seen icons for sugar and honey, or a carrot or apple to signify vegan. It made no sense to me, and I’m experienced at this. In fact one icon looked like a steaming pile of poop, luckily crossed out.
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