#10 How NOT To KILL Your Customers: Toaster


How To Kill Your Customers: #10 Toaster

Gluten free is the most widely offered (and searched for in SEO terms) dietary preference.

Many restaurants, hotels, takeaways, coffee shops, care facilities too have a couple of gluten free options (bread) etc. However, many overlook the clear contamination risk of TOASTERS, including toastie machines, small grills, or burger bun toasters.

1% of the population suffer from Coeliac disease…Gluten intolerance is not mild and affects around 5%.

There are also diets that avoid gluten by choice.

Gluten-free doesn’t mean absolute 0 as wheat-free, or milk-free does. It means 20ppm.


Gluten-free seems (from personal and my networks experience) to be strongly enforced by Trading Standards. This may be because compliance can be measured/quantified. Less than 20ppm can be tested. It’s impossible to prove 0.

ALL IT TAKES IS A CRUMB! to make someone really sick, for days (gluten intolerance, Coeliac disease – or worse for those allergic to grains).

Putting gluten free bread in a standard toaster disqualifies it as gluten free.



If gluten free bread should be toasted it needs its own gluten free toaster.



I’ve seen a hotel chain where gluten free and plant-based have a separate area at the breakfast buffet(and toaster). Would you expect everything to be plant-based and gluten free?


There is lactose-free, and standard butter, provide for gluten free. It's confusing, Enhance by the brand of hotel normally being consistent. Also people eating plant-based may bring standard bread over to the area.

Coffee shops with gluten free or vegan options for toasted sandwiches and bagels, keep them in sealed packaging and only take them out to serve them. However, they can only toast them with a common toastie machine. A missed opportunity to serve the 23% of the population that avoid milk, have allergies or intolerances or Coeliac disease.

Buffets often stack all the bread together and have a self-service toaster. Either keep some bread separately (in packaging) on the buffet or have signage to state how to request a method that wouldn’t expose it to breadcrumbs.

Avoid nuts, sesame seeds, milk, egg and cheese in bread on a buffet or keep them separated.

Have an appropriate spread/individual portion butter for those who cannot share.


Or encourage people with dietary preferences to order a separate plate in advance, to avoid attempting to navigate buffets and toasters.

There are several ways to toast bread it doesn’t have to be in an allocated toaster, however in a hotel with conference facilities, meeting rooms, buffet and a la carte, one "gluten free toaster" in the main kitchen could serve all outlets.

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