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Online &/ On-site

  • 1:1 & group coaching & consultation in food safety, allergy management & food inclusivity (including marketing & communication, consumer insight, menu development)
  • Food inclusivity auditing & feedback
  • One-off consultation or bespoke packages
  • Author, Speaker, Classroom & Practical Trainer & Coach
  • Self-study online courses & programmes.

I work with professionals & businesses related to the food & hospitality industries, particularly restaurants & hotels or other eating-out-of-the-home scenarios where food inclusivity is very important.

I'm flexible & meet people & businesses where ever they are in their food inclusivity journey. Whether that be a startup with no knowledge of food safety or a mega company with extremely good systems & standards, allergy management & training.

There's always room to improve, particularly in communication. I find solutions to challenges & hidden opportunities for free marketing & PR & improved SEO.

Many have come to me just to check their current status (a Food Inclusivity Audit or One-Off consultation), or they need the confidence to launch their own ideas knowing their food safety is solid. Some just want help writing a better "disclaimer" for their menu or website.

If you have any questions about how we can work together, send me a message on the "contact" page or book a pre-consult chat.

Food Inclusivity - What's that?

Include those people normally excluded: People looking for plant-based or vegan, gluten-free or food allergy & intolerance friendly.


Online self-led, live 1:1 & group coaching. Bespoke training & services. Programmes can also complement other packages & services. Training can be delivered live in person on-site or at a training venue or on Zoom.

Food Safety & Allergy Management

The fundamentals of what every food business needs before attempting to be more food inclusive.

These courses are available within the Well Intentioned Foodies programme.

There is the option to upgrade.



Well-intentioned professionals who own, consult or work for food & hospitality businesses. To understand food inclusivity & how to serve more customers, reduce risk & earn more.

This programme is included in the Food Inclusivity Consultant Mentorship. There is the option to upgrade.

Food Inclusivity Consultant Mentorship

Many individuals would like to train others in food inclusivity, such as consultants, chefs, marketers & professionals with managerial roles in food businesses.

This is particularly suited for those already working in or hoping to work in the free-from, gluten-free or vegan/plant-based niches to understand the other niches better.

Online 1:1

Online 1:1 coaching & consulting

1hour One-Off Consultation

Has something gone wrong, someone complained, are Environmental Health concerned about something in your business, or do you have an innovative idea. I can offer my Ex-Food Police Customer Insight & Food Inclusivity expertise to solve your immediate problem with the least resources. Often there is a communication issue, a legal misunderstanding or something is extremely urgent to resolve. Hop on a zoom call for 1hour.

2hour Food Inclusivity


Unsure how good your business is at food inclusivity already? Do you need help with optimising your menu, website, allergy information, social media or other opportunities for free marketing & rave reviews?

The 2hour deep dive into your business will reveal where you are leaving money on the table. It only requires a questionnaire & a few days' notice for testing your online & on paper customer journey.

Many ask for me to tighten up their allergy statements, menu structure & how to deal with complaints.

Bespoke Projects

& Workshops

Not every professional or business I work with fits in a box, & many are already advanced in food inclusivity. This is how they can choose what they need & I will give a quote bespoke to needs & scale. Pick & mix services to suit you & your team.

I offer most packages on a self-paced flexible basis.

This is something most food safety or compliance consultants will not offer.

Lets speak...

Speaking & Workshops

I'm an experienced food safety trainer & have advanced practical coaching experience.

My perspectives, empathy & love of speaking to people in a language style they will understand & enjoy makes me radically different to traditional food safety trainers & consultants.

I do not judge others for not knowing or expect people to understand something immediately. I do speak in normal human terms with practical relevant examples, to encourage improvement & safety. I crack jokes & entertain to help participants to relax, improve competence, confidence & success but also to remember & apply knowledge themselves.

At first food inclusivity may seem too extreme, complex or scary, but I translate everything into practical everyday scenarios & applications. People change their minds & mindsets.

Food safety consultants are usually heavy on science & low on personal opinions & creative problem-solving in terms of customer service, marketing & communication. They often don't mention food inclusivity at all.

They "stay in their lane" as they too (like food businesses) are scared of liability or they are contractually obliged to stick to the "norms" & the status quo. That is very dangerous although completely understandable.

I'm also open to including a bulk book purchase & development of workshops & training materials or create a series of training, events & programmes to fit your needs. I'm usually open to being interviewed for podcasts, educational events, or charity campaigns.

Industry events

Speaking brings me great joy. I have spoken at several industry events, online & offline with 100% positive feedback. I often recruit other relevant industry professionals to join me. I consider it an honour. I can create very bespoke presentations & workshops to suit the audience. I can additionally provide bulk book purchases.


I first assess the big picture over all departments & job roles, stakeholders & the individual challenges of a specific workplace (no matter how large or small). I deliver bespoke workshops, training or practical coaching to cause an aligned mindset shift.

Many people in marketing have not ever considered how their communication may impact those with allergies. Allergy information or capabilities may be hidden from the consumer unintentionally. One piece of misinformation could bring down the entire system. One wrong attitude could destroy business's reputation.


I have a varied background & perspective, I can relate to different industry players & diverse job roles & individuals.

If I can impart food inclusivity knowledge & practices to others in the industry perhaps at the very beginning of their careers, or startups then food inclusivity will more quickly & more prominently be embraced as a fundamental of safety, customer service, marketing & business success.

It's my mission, my calling, my passion.

Choose the services you need, or build an all-inclusive package

Online Coaching

Do you need creative input on something very specific?

Food safety, allergen management, training, communication or marketing related?


Do you need to improve your systems, training, communication or marketing? Have you received a complaint? Do you want someone to audit your food business?


Do you need help training your staff, connecting with the right experts or with communication on menus, websites or allergy information?


Looking for knowledge? Are you an individual or business that wants to expand your own capabilities to serve more people, reduce risk & liability & feel confident?

International Best Seller

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Get in touch if you'd like more than one copy of the book, additional or bespoke coaching, consulting or to buy more than one participant in my online coaching & programmes which usually include a copy of the book.

The book comes with free resources:

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  • Return On Investment Calculator by MCA
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  • The Ultimate Starter Masterclass

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